Super Mario Party Supplies

banmario - Super Mario Paper Plates

Step into Super Mario Land with this fantastic collection of supplies, gifts and accessories designed to bring out the Italian plumber in all of us! Start your party off with a bang with as set of Super Mario Bros Party invitations to let your guests know when and where the party starts. With next day delivery for orders throughout the UK, The Party Monster makes sure that you have everything you need for the perfect party, right when you need it.

Choose from the Super Mario Bros paper party cups, plates and napkins or get the bumper Super Mario Bros Party in a box which has all the supplies for up to 8 children including a Birthday Mario Flag Banner to hang up! Finish the day off with superb plastic party bags and a range of gifts including notebooks, stationery and a variety of sweets and you’re sure to keep your guests entertained for hours, so the princess certainly won’t be in another castle!

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